Our Team & Facility

The Story Behind Canal Bark

Canal Bark was established in 2015 by owners Andrea Schokker and Steve Graham along with their friend and Manager, Brenda Olson. As dog owners, we saw a need in Duluth for the type of upscale facility that is common in larger metro areas. Andrea and Steve love the Duluth community and wanted to be a part of fabulous group of unique businesses in the area. Andrea and Brenda both have a background in showing horses and dogs (Norwegian Elkhounds) and began brainstorming to develop the business plan. Brenda moved up to Duluth from the Twin Cities area and we found a great location in the former Twig Bakery facility near the Airport. We’ve been moving full steam ever since!

We take pride in staying current with the national state of the art in providing top pet services while also being your locally owned source for fabulous care for your furry loved ones.

Andrea and Steve
Club Canal Bark Play Room

Our Facility

Canal Bark is an upscale yet affordable one-stop pet facility. We strive to provide hotel and spa like services for your pet in a safe and clean environment. We select effective cleaning products that have lowered impact on the environment and that minimize exposure to harsh chemicals.

Air quality is of utmost importance for facilities that provide pet care. We have a state of the art heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation system that provides an air exchange rate of 0.9 cubic feet per minute per pet. This significantly reduces the potential for spread of disease, reduces humidity, and reduces the potential for odor.

Our Management Team


Brenda Olson, Manager

Brenda manages the daily operations at Canal Bark. She has three dogs, Gwen, a Jack Russell Terrier, Sydney, a Brittany, and Rane, a Norwegian Elkhound. She has shown her dogs to AKC titles in obedience and conformation and is a member of the Duluth Kennel Club. Brenda has over 25 years experience in working with animals, including management and training positions at equestrian facilities and kennel facilities. Brenda knows that your pets are part of your family and makes sure they are as comfortable as possible during their stay at Canal Bark.


Andrea Schokker, Co-Owner

Andrea co-owns Canal Bark with her husband, Steve Graham. Their family includes a son named Aidan and their dogs: Siri the Norwegian Elkhound, Prada and Solo (Pharaoh Hounds) and JJ the Schipperke. Andrea oversees business strategy and planning and occasionally runs some of the training classes. She has over 30 years of experience with training horses and dogs. Her dog related experience includes training, showing, judging, breeding, and kennel design and management. Andrea is a past President of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America and is currently the Vice President of the Pharaoh Hound Club of America. She’s also a member of the Duluth Kennel Club. She has owned and shown Norwegian Elkhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, and Schipperkes, and has shown her dogs to AKC titles in agility and conformation. She owned/bred the #1 Norwegian Elkhound (All- Breed) in 2008, Best in Show, Specialty Best in Show, and National Futurity winners. Andrea developed the business plan for Canal Bark based on the community’s need for an upscale, conveniently located, one-stop pet facility in Duluth.


Steve Graham, Co-Owner

Steve was the proud owner of several Cocker Spaniels and many cats as a child. Since marrying Andrea in 1999 he has been immersed in many pet-related adventures. Steve manages all information technology services for Canal Bark. Steve and his son Aidan are also the main hiking team for dogs who sign up for our special hiking packages.