Puppy Training

Puppy Day Boarding (ages 8 weeks to 4 months)

Puppy Day Boarding is offered 7 days a week. Puppy Day Boarding places a heavy emphasis on socialization, desensitization, and exposure during your puppy’s critical learning period. In addition to regular potty breaks, your pup will spend three sessions with our pet care professionals. Ask us about our Puppy Day Boarding program, which includes:

  • Socialization with exposure to different situations, people and other dogs
  • Fun play times!
benefits of dog training
Dog Training

Benefits of Professional Dog Training

Dogs are naturally smart and eager to learn, but training doesn’t often come easy at home. If you’ve tried training your dog on your own, you’ve likely run into more than your fair share of confusion and frustration. Professional trainers are here to untangle the lines of communication between you and your dog and help you establish a better relationship than ever.

  • Years of experience with dogs of all kinds. Our training team has seen it all—from lovable Labradors to bouncy Beagles, we’ve had success with dogs of all ages and personalities. Because we’re educated in multiple training techniques, we can figure out what your dog responds to best.
  • The best environment for learning. Our training center has all the tools we need to help your dog learn. Because we can control the amount of distractions and incentives, we can impart lasting knowledge that stands up to the world outside Canal Bark.
  • Lots of knowledge for you to keep. At the conclusion of our training programs, you’ll go home with all the tools you need to maintain your dog’s training now and in the future. We’ll equip you with practice exercises, training tips, information on your breed, and much more.