Dog Training

Dog Training in Duluth, MN

Our brand-new Club Canal Bark in downtown Duluth features a specially-designed Dog Training center. Classes are kept small to maximize every student (canine and human!)’s experience, whether you want a refresher on obedience or to try a fun canine sport.

Positive & Proven Methods

Our trainers are experienced in a variety of positive, proven training methods with dogs of all ages and breeds. This allows us to customize your dog’s training using methods your pet responds to best. Call us today to find out more!

Dog Training
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Our Classes

Basic Obedience & Manners

This class is intended to be your adult dog’s introduction to obedience and manners training. Topics include basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, walking on a loose leash, and the all-important manners. These include greeting guests respectfully, playing nice, and learning to behave during grooming/nail trimming.

Obedience Level 2

This class is the next step after our Basic Obedience & Manners course. You’ll further develop the basic exercises from the previous class including heeling. This class begins off leash training and finishes. It’s a great step for those wanting to improve their dog’s obedience work as well as those considering competition.

Puppy Kindergarten

Congratulations on your new puppy! This class includes all the basics to build a solid foundation for your new family member. Topics include socialization, positive reinforcement, basic commands (sit, stay, down), house training, behavior modification, walking on a loose leash, and constructive play/exercise. This class includes custom handouts and exercises for practice at home.

Rally Obedience Fun Class

Students of this exciting class must have already had basic obedience training. Rally Obedience is fun for both you and your dog! Rally is a sport that combines basic obedience with a pattern guided by signs. This class reinforces your dog’s obedience skills and introduces you to this fun, rising canine sport.

Conformation Class

This class is for people new to dog showing or for those who wish to develop their conformation handling skills. The class follows a proven curriculum to get you and your dog on your way to the show ring.

Performance Basics

If you’ve considered doing agility with your dog or any performance event, this is the class for you. We also welcome anyone wanting to build a good foundation for their dog or to give their puppy opportunities to try new experiences beyond the puppy kindergarten class. Dogs of all ages are welcome as long as they’ve taken a basic obedience or basic puppy class. We’ll work on skills needed for a foundation in agility and other performance events while also providing exposure to some obstacles.

Dog Training at Canal Bark