Dog Daycare

We're unable to take new Daycare Clients at this time!

Thank you for your interest in our daycare program. We are at capacity and unable to take new clients at this time. We hope to expand our facility in the future with exciting new daycare space.

Day Boarding at Canal Bark

Our day boarding guests enjoy regular exercise breaks with loving staff members, plenty of human attention, and lots of time to relax in our premium canine accommodations. We also offer an Enhanced Day Boarding program, with structured games, playtimes, and training exercises to keep your pet’s mind and body extra busy.

  • Day boarding guests enjoy playtimes in our deluxe indoor/outdoor play yards
  • If your dog is social, we can group pets together for small group outings
  • Again, staff is extensively-trained and pets play under close supervision
  • Our large indoor spaces feature stimulating obstacles (like the ever-popular tunnels and bridges!)
  • The outdoor yards include a splash pool (weather permitting)
  • Between play sessions, dogs rest in comfortable accommodations with bedding and always-fresh water
Dogs at Canal Bark

Discounted Dog Daycare Packges

Regular visits offer unmatched benefits to your dog's physical health, mental well-being, and quality of life.  For those who like to make the most of our exciting day program, we offer various discounted packages full of fun. Call us today to find out more!

Extra Fun Events

Does your dog have a birthday coming up? Canal Bark will throw a doggie birthday party complete with tons of fun, treats and photos for your dog and his canine friends!  We also host fun & festive holiday celebrations, like our annual Howl-o-ween party. Call us today to learn more!

Dog Daycare

The Beneficial Effects of Daycare

When you leave for the day, do you worry your dog is lonely? Getting into trouble? Not getting enough exercise? Experts agree daycare is the perfect solution for pets and their parents, providing all the mental and physical stimulation dogs need to stay healthy and happy.

  • Pet obesity is an extremely common ailment. Dogs often don’t get all the exercise they need to stay healthy. Daycare is a constructive, supervised place for your pet to run, play, and get all the exercise they need for a happy body (and mind!).
  • When dogs get bored, they can get destructive. Without supervision and engagement, the dining room chair or expensive shoes look tasty. Daycare provides a mentally-engaging outlet for your pet to spend his energy. No more chewed shoes, holes in the yard, or all-day barking marathons!
  • Dogs are social creatures, but they aren’t born fully-socialized. In our daycare camp and day boarding, dogs can spend time around other dogs and people in a totally safe environment. This satisfies your dog’s pack animal nature and teaches him how to act around other pets and humans.

Temperament Evaluations

For those pets that like playing with other dogs, we offer a thorough temperament evaluation process. Our highly-trained staff will observe your pets’ interactions with other friendly dogs to determine their compatibility with a social environment and choose the right playgroup for them. This keeps all our guests safe, happy, and having as much fun as possible!

Dog Daycare happy dog running
woman cuddling dachshund puppy

Puppy Day Boarding

Puppies have special needs beyond that of an adult dog. Our Puppy Day Boarding places heavy emphasis on socialization, desensitization, and exposure to new things during your puppy’s critical learning. Call us to find out more!

Dog Daycare Prices (per day)

Daycare Type Single 10 Pack 20 Pack
Enhanced $38 $36/day $33/day
Puppy Daycare $43

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